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Keep prying hands away from your vehicle and stop professional thieves from going for a joy ride when you use The Automobile Folding Steering Wheel Lock. The car steering wheel lock latches onto the wheel, and it makes the vehicle nearly impossible to steer. Features Solid Steering Lock System. Locks onto your steering wheel making it impossible to turn. Tough Tempered Steel Construction. Don't worry about scratching or marring car's interior. Hi-visibility Theft deterrence. Helps make installation easier, protects car interior, and is bright yellow for high visibility. Easily installs in seconds. Just reach for it ,place it on the steering wheel and push button to lock Universally fits most vehicles. Designed to fit most cars, even cars with side airbags. Specifications Name Steering Wheel Lock Type Lock Bar with Keys Open Material S12 Tempered Steel Key 3 x Crescent Type Key Original Lock Length 35cm Elongation Lock Length 39.5cm Product Weight 1.08kg Product Size 35 x 16 x 7 cm Package Weight 1.38kg Packager Size 50 x 21 x 10 cm Package Included 1 x Steering Lock, 3 x Keys, 1 x Manual

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